How To Tell If Your Online Crush Is Into You

Are you crushing on someone online right now? Even if you aren’t now chances are that you’ve had an online crush in the past. If you meet someone that you’re interested in offline you can use body language and other clues to figure out if they might be interested in you. But with an online crush, you’re left wondering constantly if the person is interested in you romantically or if they just want to be friends because all you have to go by are words on a screen. But that those messages that your crush sends you can tell you a lot about whether that person is interested in you or not. Here are a few of the signs that your online crush might be interested in dating you or having a relationship with you:

They Message You Back

It may sound obvious but just the fact that they took the time to message you back shows that they have some interest in getting to know you. If they had no interest in you at all they wouldn’t bother to respond to your messages.

They Ask Questions

When you send a message to someone and you get back a terse one or two-word answer. That’s it that person probably isn’t very interested in talking to you or getting to you know. But if they answer your questions and ask you questions about your life or what you think about things. That’s a very good sign that they are interested in you. If their messages are playful and light. That can also indicate interest even if they don’t ask you a lot of questions.

They Like Your Posts

I recently got a question from a girl wanting to know if her online crush was interested in her. She wasn’t sure because he hadn’t followed her on social media but was messaging her regularly. But he had recently liked several posts on her Instagram even though he wasn’t following her. That showed that he was looking at her feed and definitely shows interest in her. So if your crush is liking your posts, even if they aren’t following you, they are probably interested in you.

They Message You Frequently

If you send your crush a message, and several days go by, and then you get a one or two-word message in response. That is a strong indication that your crush is not actually interested in you. But if you send your crush a message and they respond right away or send you messages frequently throughout the day they are definitely interested in getting to know you. Don’t be worried if your crush seems to be online a lot but not messaging you. Many people use social media as part of their jobs. These days and just because they are online doesn’t mean they are free to chat. They could be working. So if you’re getting regular messages to take that as a good sign. That they are interested and don’t sweat the other stuff.