Quick Guide For Choosing Tablets

Quick Guide For Choosing TabletsNot sure of what you’re looking for in a tablet? Then let our Quick Guide For Choosing Tablets, be just that, your guide to finding the right tablet that fits your needs, whether it is high performance, longer battery life, or over all better software and hardware support for your business or enjoyment whether stationary or while on the go. Understanding the key features than make every tablet tick will play an important role in you choosing the tablet that is right for you.

Windows Tablet

  windows tabletIf you’re looking for a tablet for the office then a windows tablet is most likely where you should be looking. Windows tablet tends to be more office friendly due to its hardware drivers, and software availability for completing tasks, aid with presentation and runs resource hungry software in the office settings. Windows tablets tends to have a faster CPU, have more office oriented software, docking station for laptop mode, runs the perfect operating system to manage work load, larger selections of screen sizes with pen support, add more user accounts, and driver support for thumb drive and external storage. Despite Windows messy App Store, these tablets are usually the right fit for the office and you will less likely be able to find cheap 10 inch tablets that have windows on it. Windows tablet with windows 10 OS are much better protected than others than tablets with older versions of the OS.

Android Tablet

android tabletWhen it comes to apps, customization and even a longer battery life a Google Android tablet does the trick. The Google App store has the largest collection of content, and offers apps with more specialize features than any other app store around. These apps allows for easy and complete customization of the Android Operating System, with widgets, mod tools and so much more to make each tablet just the way the user desire it. So must part the battery life on an Android tablet can be surprisingly longer than all other tablet running different operating systems. I can state with confidence, that the Google Android OS does makes some of the best tablets available for gaming, web browsing and even for more productivity work in editing and programming. For a few years and up to now, android tablets have been limited to a smaller screen size even those the table has made some strides in a lot of areas then it is safe to say that maybe in the 2016 then will move pass the traditional screen size has tablet are becoming more TV like sizes. Another drawback with this OS is there are an arming number of viruses than will shut down an Android device without Virus protections but that doesn’t seem to bother many companies than uses the OS including Amazon and even LeapFrog for their tablets.

Apple Tablet

apple tabletNot my favorites, and that could be that I have spent less time playing around these tablets that runs the Apple OS. iOS tablets are design to play more graphic rich and resource demanding games making it a big hit for tablet gamers. The OS isn’t open has a lot of users would hope, it’s not customizable, it doesn’t adds much to an office in terms of productivity but it does what it does best and that’s great gaming device, fantastic display for movies, images and offers great presets for audio. Apple tablets aren’t budget friendly, and it’s highly unlikely for users to find cheap kids tablets from Apple. Apple does pride itself for being one of the most secure OS on the market, even protecting its owners from theft of these devices with numerous security locks and users are safe from nasty scripts including viruses.

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What is an affordable laptop in 2015?

affordable laptopA couple of years ago a single computer took up an office space and cost a few million dollars but today a few hundred computers could take up that same office space and cost a few thousand dollars. What changed? Well technology became smaller, advance and the competition drove the prices for pc, laptops and other gadget down. You might be looking an affordable laptop or maybe your one of those persons searching the web for the best laptop under 500, if that is the case this article is for you. After reading this article you will not only have an idea of the laptop specification and design that are available which suits your need but also where you can get find these affordable laptops.


Processor (GHz)

When it comes to processor without having to get technical, persons that have a budget may not be able to affordable a laptop with a high-end processor can still find a processor with equal power or maybe something close enough. For laptops under $500, there are i3 processors available and on rare occasion i5 processor. I3 processor process data from 1.6Ghz to 1.9GHz and sometimes a little high. Sometimes there are other processors from intel and AMD that are 1.2Ghz and up, there sometimes are ok processing speed but it comes down to the use intended for the notebook or laptop. In basic the higher the Ghz the more speed when is provided when running programs and tasks. 1.9Ghz processor is basically wonderful to perform everyday tasks quite comfortable but not that much for gamers. Again notebooks with an i3 processor are great buys for a little under $500 and if you see a deal on an i5 or higher then I suggest that you read the review and if all checks out, make a purchase. When it comes to an afford laptop with awesome processing speed checkout the dell laptop gaming and see for yourself.


RAM or Random Access Memory is what allows users to essentially multi-task between apps and tasks. As with processor power or speed more is good and as such with the RAM. As a benchmark laptops under $500 being built now has a RAM of 4GB-6GB but there are other laptops than has 2GB of RAM. Depending on your need a laptop that offers the 2GB of RAM normally comes in chrome books and light weight laptops that mainly focus on providing users with a little office procedures, access to multi-media files and the web. Laptops with 6GB RAM has the ability to multi-task between a number of apps and run the programs very comfortable.

Graphics Card

Graphics card has a lot to do with how information, data and media are viewed and this contribute greatly to the visual experience. As such your focus should be getting a laptop with Intel HD 4000 or something later that offers a little more cache for viewing deep pixel images and videos. Intel HD 4000 is great for office productivity, watching movies, streaming videos, video chatting, viewing media files, and browsing the web and as for a little light gaming. There are other Graphics card that are great buy but this is recommended.

Display (Inch)

The display is what determine the size of the laptop, the size of the display varies from 11.6 to 17.3 inch and as a bonus sometimes it can be a touch screen. You would have to choose what is right for your needs, whether is a small, in-between or large. And also a smaller display means a smaller keyboard with just the essential keys and an average or large displays means more keys on a keyboard that might be better spaced too.

Hard Drive (Storage)

Having adequate storage for all your multimedia is also very important. 250GB of storage is adequate but chances are users can get some of the best laptops under 500 bucks with 500GB and sometimes even special offers on online storage with is great and only required internet access to fetch those media/data files.  Also there are some notebooks that has less that the 250GB but comes with a solid state hard drive with is much more liable and after than previous and the more commonly used hard drive. The Solid state that will come in such a low costing machine might offer less storage because this hard drive in costly in a matter of speaking.

Design (360Flip, Ultra-slim, Detachable, etc.)

Hybrid-LaptopsNow with the many design and features of these laptops, you can undoubtedly find affordable laptop that has what you’re looking for or you can always afford to try something new. 3600 Flip laptop design are great for those who want a convertible laptop to tablet. Ultra-slim laptop design guarantee that a laptop is light and easy when carrying around. Detachable Laptop Design offers a much more tablet feel, which means the laptop will be touch screen for faster navigation and an awesome web browsing experience. And there is always the normal design with the display attach to the keyboard that even one knows and love, this retro design is still the number one selling laptop design available.

Data Transfer & Share Component (3.0 USB Port, Bluetooth, HDMI, Optical Drive)

Transferring or sharing of multimedia and data files are very essential and the more option available the better. 3.0 USB PORT ensure that data is backup to an external hard drive or thumb drive very quickly, and as such you should get a laptop that has at least one 3.0 USB Port or even a 2.0 USB Port. USB Port can still be used by other devices, whether for sharing, transferring, charging or just for backup purposes. Bluetooth component on a laptop allows you to transfers data without the whole wire restriction and you’re able to connect cordless accessories to your laptop. HDMI is a must have and must if not all laptops comes with that connector, it allows users to connect their laptop to a Smart TV. Optical Drive is become less and less important but it still is a good component to have but not a must have. Disc are becoming more and more obsolete.

Battery & Weight

A longer lasting battery and light laptop are two great combination an everyday users wants. Even much so if you are always on the go or stuck in a classrooms for most of the day. These are very important components or features that a user might require with a little processing power. There are laptops on the market that provide anywhere around 2.5 hours to 10 hours of unplug battery life. But the laptops that has a longer battery life normally offers less processing power and even storage. The laptops that offers less battery life offers more processing power and speed. But with careful searching and reading of laptop reviews it is quite possible to find a laptop with the right balance.

This article “What is an affordable laptop in 2015?” was geared at providing valuable information on what hardware to expect from an affordable laptop in 2015, we hope it was informative and provide  better understanding to purchasing a laptop for your needs.